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“No Limit” With Frank McGrath: Food Shopping & Prep Without A Budget

Unencumbered by the restrictions of past Animal shopping budget videos like “Big on a Budget” ($50 per week) or “Huge on a Hundred” ($100 per week), “No Limit” is about what the athlete actually buys and spends and eats. In this installment, Animal unleashes Frank “Wrath” McGrath on Marazzo’s Thriftway allowing him show you exactly […]

300lb Bodybuilder Juan Morel, Full Day of Eating, 10,965 Calories!

If you want to get big, you’ve got to eat big! We followed 300lb bodybuilder Juan Morel for a day to see what he eats in the off season. Get an inside look at what this monster eats to maintain his massive physique! 10,965 calories total!