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52 Year Old Ronnie Coleman Still Lifts Like A Beast!

One of the most astonishing things about Coleman is that in recent years he underwent many medical surgeries, and yet he still trains like a complete beast. Of course, not so vigorously as before, but a lot harder than most other 52 years old folks who don’t exercise at all. Unfortunately, his surgeries were needed […]

Dexter Jackson wins Arnold Classic Europe 2016 + Results

Top 6 Bodybuilding Results – ASC Europe! 6th Place: Josh Lenartowicz 5th Place : Roelly Winklaar 4th Place : Shawn Rhoden 3rd Place : William Bonac 2nd Place : Ramy 1st Place : Dexter Jackson!    

Kevin Levrone Live at Barcelona European Arnold Classic

If you didn’t get to see Kevin at the European Arnold Classic – get a look at him here on the Levrone Report.