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Mr Olympia Europe IFBB PRO 2016

– 1 Dexter jackson – 2 Shwan Rhoden – 3 William Bonac – 4 Lionel Ifbb Prolionel Beyeke -5 Roelly Winklaar – 6 Alexey Shabunia Ifbb Pro – 7 Tomas Kaspar – 8 Michalis Kefalianos

Kevin Levrone Posing at Arnold Classic a week after Mr Olympia

Really epic footage of the one and only, the legend, the “Maryland Muscle Machine” posing and meeting the fans at Arnold Classic the week after his comeback at Mr Olympia.

Dexter Jackson wins Arnold Classic Europe 2016 + Results

Top 6 Bodybuilding Results – ASC Europe! 6th Place: Josh Lenartowicz 5th Place : Roelly Winklaar 4th Place : Shawn Rhoden 3rd Place : William Bonac 2nd Place : Ramy 1st Place : Dexter Jackson!    

Tiphany Adams

Tiphany Adams was a high school senior in October of 2000 when the car she was riding in was hit head-on by a drunk driver. She was injured in the crash — three others lost their lives — and was diagnosed as a paraplegic. The go-getter with dreams of modeling and acting didn’t stop moving […]