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It’s time to start building those glutes! Get ready for summer with some female fitness motivation from Taylor Chamberlain for your next glute workout! Signature Supplements ►
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Taylor Chamberlain is an NPC bikini competitor and fitness coach who holds a degree in dietetics from Purdue University. In addition to being a sponsored Team athlete and an ACE personal trainer and nutritionist, Taylor reaches out to clients around the world through her online coaching business. She works to spread her empowering message, encouraging others to bring their best self daily, both physically and mentally.

When she’s headed for the stage, having an airtight nutrition protocol is a must. But Taylor is also a proponent of flexible dieting, so her approach is creative, customized, and likely to contain a surprise or two. In this video, Taylor shares a typical day of eating as she prepares for her third Junior Nationals competition.

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